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About the studio 

Studio Lotte Gulpers was founded in 2017 following the founder's deep fascination for the properties of natural textile fibers. While diving into the use of Dutch native plant fibers Gulpers (Heerlen, the Netherlands, 1995) discovered a rich history of Dutch textile traditions and the use of botanical colors. Now the studio promotes the use of natural fibers, being mindful of skin health, and finding the beauty in using waste or renewable sources.

Healthy design for all

To discover what the landscape around us has to offer, Studio Lotte Gulpers aspires to create a healthy environment for all creatures and critters. This calls for truly understanding and continually observing the impact your design decisions have on the ecosystems you interact with. Rediscovering past strengths can improve the way we do things today for a regenerated and healthier environment. 

"I am eager to fashion a durable textile industry through regenerative design education and textile design assignments with my wonderful clients. Let's work together to make this happen!"

Lotte Gulpers

Founder / Designer

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 The BORO*ATELIER is an Amsterdam based textile production workshop founded by Celia Geraedts en Lotje Terra with a mission: to make the textile industry more social and sustainable!

Studio Claudy Jongstra is known worldwide for monumental artworks and architectural installations, whose organic surfaces and nuanced tones reflect masterful innovations in the ancient technique of making wool felt.

Farm Flower Fragrances develops completely organic perfumes, fully in line with its circular professional practice, where the principles of sustainability, biodiversity, inclusiveness, collaboration, research and knowledge transfer are the guiding principles.

Interface, Inc. is a global commercial flooring company with an integrated collection of carpet tile and resilient flooring, including nora® LVT and rubber flooring. Our modular system helps clients create beautiful interiors that positively impact the people who use the spaces, as well as our planet.

Extended Ground is an ecological farm project located in Huns, Friesland founded by Claudy Jongstra and Claudia Busson. With their field laboratories, Jongstra and Busson work on their ecological ambitions together with a team of artists, artisans, farmers, and scientists. The emphasis is on mastery, the rediscovery of craft, and links between agriculture, care, and educational organizations.

Farm of The World is a foundation focusing on rediscovering holistic and circular alternatives for the agriculture, education, and healthcare sectors. The botanical garden with dye plants and endangered native flora is located in the village of Húns, Friesland.

Studio Lotte Gulpers, Ferdinand Huyckstraat 26, 1061 HW Amsterdam

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