Ground-Bound workshops

A concept developed at Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam (2022)

Ground-bound is a workshop concept developed to nourish observational and inquisitive behavior in vocational students from all fields of study. During the workshop, the students will also turn these observations into either a meal or a material using historical and/or circular craft-based assignments.

Each Ground-bound workshop revolves around a plant that is seasonal to the moment at which the workshop is given. The structure stays the same, but the elements might be different depending on how the plant might be used. 


A series of workshops about natural dyeing and recycling of kitchen waste 
commissioned by BORO*ATELIER (2021)

With the project Stadskleuren, BORO*ATELIER invited residents and entrepreneurs from Amsterdam-West to partake in the research on the hidden value of kitchen waste. Studio Lotte Gulpers developed a series of workshops for various target groups. The project connected neighbors of all ages and cultural backgrounds with their streets, neighborhood, or even the wider area of the city of Amsterdam to uncover the beauty of pigments made from waste. 

The workshops were set up to teach women and young students how these pigments could be applied to textiles. Each participant created a textile sample booklet containing a personalized and fully circular color collection. 


Material Journalism 

Educational programs for vocational education commissioned by Extended Ground Foundation (2020)

From 2020 till 2021 

Vrije Akademie ZOM

A series of workshops about design methodologies and material research (2017)

From 2017 till 2020

Photos by Nieke Lemmens 

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